Wildlife loves a home-made water feature and so will you

  • Nigel says creating a bog area nearby his pond can encourage frogs to breed
  • He says when building a pond it’s important to use a spirit level 
  • He also advises selecting wild marsh plants carefully to create a natural look

Winter is almost here and routine chores are running down. So now is an excellent time to start on new projects. Perhaps you’d like to replace an old fence, construct a coldframe or try something more ambitious? My task is to make a new pond. read more

In 1957 a revolution was about to begin, says Monty Don 

  • Monty Don believes gardens today are better than they were 60 years ago
  • He says in 1957 most gardens looked remarkably similar with bordered lawns 
  • 1.5 million visitors looked for inspiration at the 1957 Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibit

My first memory is of standing on my mother’s knees as she knelt to dry me after my bath. I would have been two – which could just squeeze the event into 1957 – or maybe three.  read more

Poppies to remember

  • Nigel Colborn says poppies germinate when given moisture and sunlight
  • He gave an insight into the different varieties of poppies and how to grow them
  • He says seeds are the best way to start a colony of Welsh poppies 

For a century we’ve linked wild poppies with remembrance. But the buttonhole tokens we wear today are no substitute for the real flowers.

Their silky scarlet petals need morning sun to unfurl and they fall after only a day. But new buds open by the score every morning for weeks on end. read more

Berries and hips light up the winter garden

  • Constance Craig Smith advises planting shrubs to add colour in to your garden
  • She says they can also be a good source for providing food to wildlife
  • Roses can also be planted for their autumn hips as much as their summer flowers

As the last of the late summer flowers disappear, it’s easy to feel gloomy about your garden – at this time of year it seems like a long haul until the hellebores, snowdrops and crocuses start to appear.  read more

Get your autumn planting right and you’ll be rewarded 

  • Nigel Colborn advises a ground cover planting system for busy gardeners
  • He says the system requires minimal maintenance and can look magnificent
  • Nigel believes the best plants for ground cover are fully or partially ever green 

Admiring a fine garden is easy. Gorgeous flowers, emerald lawns and bountiful crops are all lovely. But it takes hard labour to achieve and sustain such excellence. read more

Britain’s unsung corner of glorious gardens

  • Barbara Segall dedicates her new book to the gardens of East Anglia  
  • Profiles the region’s most beautiful private gardens many open to the public
  • Secret Gardens Of East Anglia by Barbara Segall and Marcus Harper is published by Frances Lincoln, priced £20 

The British are famously a nation of gardeners, and parts of the country have more than their fair share of great gardens – places like Kent, Sussex, Yorkshire, Herefordshire and the west coast of Scotland. read more

A Sizable Brooklyn loft that looks like a  Fantasy

Esther Choi, an architectural historian and Canadian living in new york, found her present Brooklyn loft by heeding the advice of a woman she met at Marfa, Texas, who had jumped to the mountains upon the urgings of her unconscious. “In typical woo-woo style, she leans over to me, looks me in the eye and states with such certainty, ‘Listen to your dreams!'” Choi states, in her finest grizzled, psychic voice. “And then I’d anbsp;fantasy.” read more

Monty shares how to maximize space when growing pumpkins

  • Monty Don shares how he nurtures the pumpkins and squash in his garden
  • For spacing, he grows them vertically, supported by a tripod of stout posts
  • Monty also gives advice to the specific queries of reader’s gardens

Cucurbits have done well in my garden this year. The family includes cucumbers, courgettes, marrows, gourds, melons, pumpkins and squash. 

While it takes a lot to have a bad year with courgettes, it is a joy to have some squash back in the garden after three dreadfully lean years and now, with Halloween in a few days’ time, is the time to celebrate them. read more

How three Canadian creatives designed studios to foster artistry

Steven Andrews

Artist Stephen Andrews divides his time between three Toronto-based studios, devoting his home studio into painting. Andrews’s Victorian home in the city’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood offers tons of visual stimulation undergone a renovation by architect Tamira Sawatzky to what the artist calls a “nouveau cabinet of curiosities.” He retains his garden-facing studio with no distractions or unnecessary objects: a purist paintingnbsp;distance. read more