Blueberries taste divine so why not grow your own?

  • Blueberries need acidic soil so you may need to use a container to grow
  • You will also need to buy some peat-free ericaceous potting compost
  • The best time to prune them is between Christmas and the end of February 

Certain foods belong to certain meals and there’s no crossing those divides. So I have marmalade on my breakfast toast but never dream of eating it at any other time of day. Likewise, porridge is for breakfast only.  read more

Apple’s Real Reason for Finally Joining the Net Neutrality Fight

Over the past

few months, as the Federal Communications Commission has

moved closer to weakening net neutrality protections

, countless tech companies have signaled their support for a strong and open internet. The lone voice missing through the debate: Apple. Yesterday, the final day to comment on the FCC’s current net neutrality proceedings, the company finally broke its silence with a


filed in support of strong rules to protect the open internet. But why, at the 11th hour and well after other tech giants joined the fight, is Apple speaking up now? And why, for that matter, is it speaking up at all?
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These strikingly pretty flowers will delight

  • The best late-summer daisies come from the U.S.
  • You can grow coneflowers in most garden soils, if they receive plenty of sun
  • Among intermediate varieties, Goldquelle grows to 90cm

The best late-summer daisies come from the U.S. Sunflowers flourish all over the Wild West, and their branched stems and multiple blooms are far prettier than the floral frying pans cultivated here. read more

Daily Mail National Garden Competition 2017 

  • This year our National Garden Competition is in its 25th year
  • Despite challenging weather delightfully the standard of entries are still high
  • We have had late frosts in spring, followed by very hot and dry conditions
  • Meet the four finalists: Kath Stratton, Val Howells, Linda Kidd,  Martin Thurston
  • The winner will be announced in the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine next month 

For over two decades, the Daily Mail has scoured the country every summer to find Britain’s best amateur garden. This year our National Garden Competition is in its 25th year, and we’re delighted to say that the standard of entries shows no sign at all of flagging. read more

‘Why I’m a sucker for succulents’ says Monty Don 

  • Succulents are all the rage as they can be grown with minimum attention 
  • They are ideally adapted to desert conditions due to how they store water
  • Not all succulents are exotic for example the common Sempervivum tectorum

Succulents are all the rage. You can see why. These plants (which include cacti) have thick, fleshy leaves or stems which are used to retain water, and can be grown with minimum attention in almost any location that will hold a pot, indoors or out.  read more

Britain’s best borders

  • The Great Broad Walk Borders at Kew are Britain’s longest double borders
  • Arley Hall’s borders planted in the 1840s are thought to be the Country’s oldest
  • The huge herbaceous border at Waterperry Gardens changes colour weekly 

No English country garden should be without a herbaceous border: a deep bed, usually flanked by an immaculate grassy path, planted with a tapestry of flowers that bloom from late spring through to early autumn, before finally dying back with the first frosts. read more

South Africa’s floral queen: Agapanthus

  • In August, Agapanthus is one of the loveliest South African garden favourites
  • There are hundreds of varieties, which are all easy to grow, even in Britain
  • Each of the species boasts easy to grow shimmering blue drumstick flowers

South Africa boasts an amazingly diverse wild flora. So it’s hardly surprising the prettiest species have become worldwide garden favourites. In August, the loveliest of all is surely Agapanthus, the Blue African Lily. read more

Late-flowering clematis will give you masses of flowers

  • Easy to grow, late-flowering clematis give flowers well into autumn, says Monty
  • The best known late-flowering clematis is probably Clematis viticella
  • Some fast-growing clematis are more delicate although still heavily flowered

When I was growing up in Hampshire, 50 years ago and more, there was an old farm worker who would cut a length of the vine that sprawled over the hedgerows and then stuff it into his pipe before smoking it with evident pleasure. read more

Agapanthus will give you bursts of flowers all summer

  • The right blend of neglect and nurture will give you gorgeous agapanthus 
  • Monty recommends always growing them in pots for the best flowers 
  • As always Monty is on hand to answer our readers’ gardening queries  

My agapanthus have flowered this summer like intense star bursts, mostly blue with a few pure white varieties for good measure. 

I could not have asked more of them. This success is down to the right blend of neglect and nurture, and once you have that combination in its right balance, gorgeous agapanthus are almost guaranteed year after year. read more